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I finished full course with all the knowledge and a lot impression with Yim.

And I also got the best CV with a very beautiful picture. She could change me from not smiling to a very nice smile.

And also change my hairstyle, that's look a lot more friendly.

She has taught me every thing, in every tiny little details.

I'm so right choosing her to be my instructor and giving myself a chance. 

I'll try my best to review what I've studied and fight for it!

Khun Aor Sujaree


All the knowledges in the course is impossible to know without this Private Jet Angel Course.

The instructor gave me so many techniques. After I finished it, I felt so good as it's worth my

money. And the most important part is I got to know "Yim" the instructor. She's gave me all she has.

Lastly I would like to thank you, Yim. You are a good teacher, my support and you've been giving me a great advice. I won't let you down. I promise.


Khun Tawan


Yim is so nice and I had fun in every class, got new things every time. Besides all the new knowledges, I also got a new way to think like she opened me a door of an opportunity. This gave me a good attitude for my life.

The Q&A part was so concentrate, love it.

I'll try my best for it!

Khun Amy Ashford

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